Landlords - Thinking of letting your property ?

Diamond Mills offer a professional property management service

We market your property to existing applicants and to a wider area by advertising.

We have many prospective tenants waiting for properties from one bedroom flats to five bedroom houses.

We insist on certain criteria being met by any prospective tenants.

All prospective tenants are vetted using personal interviews and taking up references from their Employers, previous Landlords and their Bank/Building Societies.

We produce a full condition report

Before any tenant takes up occupation of the property a full condition report is carried out

We, with your authorisation take care of any repairs etc. that may be necessary at no extra commission charge.

If any problems i.e. plumbing, electrical etc. arise we will confirm full details of the problem, and then on the Landlords authorisation source the best price for the job, obtaining written quotations. We will check that any work is completed satisfactorily. Invoices will be forwarded to Diamond Mills who will deduct monies from the rental account for the month and forward copies of all invoices to the Landlord for Income Tax purposes. No additional commission is charged for this service.

We carry our regular inspections of the property.

A full inspection of the property is carried out every three or six months either accompanied or unaccompanied by the Landlord.

We issue any Notices required to terminate a Tenancy Agreement.

All legal documentation i.e. Tenancy Agreements, and Notices to Recover Property are issued and handled by Diamond Mills.

Letting out of your property

  • A suitable tenant is found.
  • A rent is agreed on a calendar month basis.
  • An Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement for six months is issued, signed by the Landlord and the Tenant.
  • This agreement is ongoing after the six months unless notice is given by either parties.
  • The Landlord has to give the tenant two months notice on the calendar date of the signed agreement.
  • The tenant gives one months notice on any date.
  • One months rent is held as a security deposit which is returned to the tenant after they leave and a satisfactory final inspection is carried out.
  • The property will be inspected every three or six months whichever is requested.
  • Quotations are sought for any repairs that may be necessary. These are forwarded to the Landlord for his authorisation.
  • Any repair costs are deducted from the rental payments and copies of all invoices are included in your statements for the month so that they can be used for tax purposes.

Useful Advice

Landlords living abroad may be required to apply to the Inland Revenue for a F.I.C.O number. Attached is a form which includes a helpline number. Diamond Mills need to know from the Landlord if he requires a number or not as he will be taxed automatically as living abroad if we do not get confirmation either way.

A Landlords Gas certificate is required by law if there is any gas to the property. An Electrical Appliance certificate is also required if items such as kettles, hoovers etc are left in the property. Diamond Mills can obtain these for the property.

The Tenant is responsible for the garden. Special instructions should be left for any special treatments, specialist pruning etc.

The Tenant is responsible for all service charges on the property i.e. Gas, Electric, Water, Council Tax, Telephone.

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